I also enjoy delivering bespoke trainings to a variety of audiences, within both community and corporate settings. I approach all trainings to maximise participation and engagement of the audience.  I aim for the material to be easy to understand, and all trainings focus on helping individuals adopt the key ideas from the training, into their personal and/or work lives.


Growing Great Adults - a workshop for parents

Understanding the Emotional Needs of Children and Young People - an alternate approach to managing behaviour

Speak up for Yourself - a training in assertiveness

Giving Great Presentations - Mastering the Art of Public Speaking

Managing Exam Anxiety



"R U OK"-  Mental Health Awareness

Managing Stress and Developing Resilience - skills to stay buoyant   

Thriving in the Face of Change - a workshop to help staff fare as well as possible when organisational change is happening

Leading Staff through Change - a workshop for leaders, to make sure they support and lead their staff through impending change

Getting the Best out of your Staff - a workshop for leaders, to help them create the most productive work environment

Having Challenging Conversations - developing the skills and confidence to talk with staff about their inappropriate behaviour/poor performance


No two workplaces are the same, and similarly, the desired outcomes from trainings are likely to be unique to each situation.  My aim is to tailor all trainings to suit the needs of the prospective audience.  Sometimes this can be achieved with an already designed training, but more often than not, it will require some tweaking to be fit for purpose.

To ensure the best outcomes, I meet with those organising the training, so that I can make sure I understand the need behind the request.  I will talk through with you what I believe would be best suited to achieve your outcome, and together, we will negotiate a workable design.


Training development and delivery: As negotiated.

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