Individuals: $150 + GST per hour, with most sessions being 60 minutes.

Couples and families: $175 + GST per hour, with most sessions being 60 minutes.

Corporate based individual counselling: $180 + GST per hour, with most sessions being 60 minutes.

Supervision for professionals: $180 + GST per hour, with most sessions being 60 minutes.

Management coaching: $180 + GST per hour, with most sessions being 60 minutes.

In addition to the time spent in the session, I spend time before each appointment preparing for consultations, and following each appointment, I spend time writing notes, emails, and therapy plans, scoring and interpreting any questionnaires used in assessment, reviewing relevant research, and seeking professional mentoring and supervision. These are all covered by the therapy fee.  Additional charges however, will be incurred  if a report is requested, or a consultation call or meeting is required with a third

Invoices are emailed following appointments.

Payment by internet banking.

Please notes there will be an increase in fees from April 1, 2020.


At least 24 hours notice of a change or cancellation of an appointment time is required, so that I have the opportunity to offer the session to someone else.  If the full 24hours notice isn't given, the session will be charged to you at the full rate.


My Responsibility to you


As a registered Psychologist in New Zealand, I am bound

by a Code of Ethics. I must provide you with information on all of your therapy options so you can make an informed decision and I must only work within areas of practice that I am skilled in.

I must respect your privacy by keeping your information confidential, unless there are safety concerns, in which case I would talk with you, who I might need to talk with, and what information needs to be shared.  I am bound to undergo regular professional supervision, in which I am expected to review my clinical work, to ensure that I am practicing efficiently, effectively, and safely.


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